Saturday, June 9, 2012

That'll Learn Ya

A cover for a play written by Eddie McPherson. You can check out more of his plays at:

Here's the synopsis for, "That'll Learn Ya."
The quiet western town of Possum Trot has been under
a gypsy spell for two hundred years; a spell that has turned the whole village into clueless nincompoops who have never grown smart enough to progress with the rest of the world. The guilty gypsy’s great grandson (seven generations later), Seymour Justice, has begun his quest looking for this town to break the spell once and for all.  

His perseverance pays off when he and his best friend, Edmund, finally stumble upon the lost village.  The secret to breaking the spell is buried in a metal box somewhere in Possum Trot.  So the search is on and Seymour and his buddy seek the citizens’ assistance (which is a challenge within itself) to find the mystery box.  If the spell isn’t broken by midnight, not only will the town remain in the dark cave of ignorance, but Seymour and Edmund will become nincompoops too and must remain in Possum Trot for the rest of their lives.

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