Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beowulf on a Budget

A cover for a play by Eddie McPherson

The synopsis goes something like this:
Beowulf, the classic hero, kills the ferocious monster Grendel — but in a funny slapstick comedy? This adaptation becomes a farce when someone steals all the costumes and props the night before the show. But the show must go on! It gets even more hilarious every moment. Imagine Beowulf using a plastic bucket for his helmet, a mop for his sword, and his armor is a suit of mail (letters and postcards). The Director, acting as the narrator, helps the actors agonize through the preposterous adventure. The characters, dressed in appropriate costumes using impossible props, bravely accomplish their mission. Every student will want to read the true Beowulf story after this delightful fiasco.

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