Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cricket County Academy Play Cover

Another play cover commission for a play by Eddie McPherson. The synospis of the play goes something like this:
When Elkin inherits huge wealth from Uncle Zeke, he enrolls his hillbilly cousins into the highbrow private school, Gold-Leaf Academy. The school wants to reject the kinfolk when their cultural gap becomes a “black hole” of hilarious miscommunication. But when the school administration discovers that super-rich Elkin may endow the academy, everything changes. Cousin Fester even wins the "Prince Charming" role in the school production of Rapunzel as his sisters become the "Evil Witches." The country cousins have never been in a school play, so everything turns comically chaotic. Despite his ineptness, hayseed Fester wins the affection of the class beauty, Kayla, who plays the "Princess." Kayla chooses Fester to be her date to the school dance. Then Fester decides to take all the girls to the dance in his limo. The school snobs who ridiculed them learn that homespun charm and courtesy wins the day. 

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